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portrait of Seyyit Bozdoğan Since 1985 Seyyit Bozdogan lives and works as a freelance artist in Cologne.
"formally and in colour very balanced, its works are positioned between dream and observation"
"a passionate desire for painting and an analytic spirit together mark his work"
"a characteristic feature of his art is the linking of abstract and concrete painting. Human bodies become interweaved with landscapes, they in turn even consist of landscapes"
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woman in read light 1998 industrial face landscape 1987 caravansary 2005

artistic career and personal record

1941 Born in Kozan in Anatolia/Turkey
1956 - 1959 attends a teacher boarding school with final state examination
1959 - 1962 Teacher in Urfa/Anatolia
1962 - 1967 Studies the subject areas of set-design and free painting at the
National Academy of Fine Arts in Istanbul, works at the opera of Istanbul
1968 - 1973 Scholarship of the Turkish Ministry of Education for
further studies of painting at the University of Arts in Berlin
1973 in the master class of professor Hann Trier in Berlin
1972 - 1974 Journeys to London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Italy as well as the Federal Republic of Germany
1973 - 1974 Free lance work at the University of Arts in Berlin
1974 - 1976 returns to the Turkey and works as free lance artist
1976 - 1984 teaching staff member as an assistant at the
National Academy of Fine Arts in Istanbul
1979 - 1981 giving lectures at the University of Industrial Design in Istanbul
1985 Scholarship of the Ernst-Strassmann-Stiftung and moving to Cologne
1986 Working scholarship of the Senate of Berlin for the 750-anniversary
since 1987 Free lance artist in Cologne
since 2007 Contract instructor at İstanbul Işık Üniversiti, Güzel Sanatlar Fakültesi, Istanbul


    Numerous individual exhibitions as well as participation in group exhibitions
group exhibitions


Comments on Seyyit Bozdoğan's work:

 Professor Dr. Zehnder, director of the Federal State Museum Bonn: Margot Westlinning:
Professor Dr. Bernd Peter Lange, Osnabrück:
  If Seyyit Bozdoğan stands in front of the easel, a passionate desire for painting and an analytical spirit jointly seem to lead his hand. His recent work continued concentrating the interaction between abstraction and figuration, between microkosmos and overall composition into still more conclusiv pictural units. The earth, its surfaces, soils and depths, its wealth of light and color sound, particularly in memory of its Anatolian homeland, did not fade away, but continue to live on in richly facetted - mostly vertically oriented - structures. His art ranges between tendencyful arranged figurations, situations and shapes described in detail , variation on the one side and increasing abstraction together with forming processes getting more important on the other side. Seyyit Bozdogğan is born in the Anatolian Kozan. The strong, from the inside out shinig colors and the landscape formations of his homeland moulded his individual symbolism of color and his stylistic idiom, which mark today his "body landscapes" and "face landscapes", in which the originally existing unity of humans and landscape become manifest as "nature", lending pictorial expression to their natural and overall simularity: He forms landscapes in analogy to human limbs; bodies and faces appear, enlarged and from close to, like individual, accessible shores. Unmistakably is thereby the analytic, increasing structure of painting, which divides the individual areas into colour fields set hard against each other, which press for abstraction and for autonomy of detail. in the micro structure. Becomes in such a manner... Seyyit Bozdoğan is painter from passion. Certain topics never release him and therefor he painted many pictures variating the same topics, always with the goal of improving the expression and of getting his message every times more precise on the term using form and color . Many of its pictures were exposed already several times in Turkey as well as the Federal Republic of Germany and some of them also earned an award. To the 750th anniversary in Berlin, he got an order to create a picture cycle about 'Turkish People in Berlin', which is also exposed here. His main topics are the representation of microstructures in wide areas, with conflicting contrasts of color and areas in abstract pictures on the one hand; on the other hand in concrete pictures the working and living conditions in Turkey, Turkish people in Berlin and the environmental threat for human beings. This last topic....
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  Ateliers: Email:
  Sürthner Hauptstr. 149
50999 Köln / Almanya
Tel. +49 02236-65283
      +49 0221-410165

Halaskargazi mah.
Kuyumcu İrfan sok. 36/3
Nişantaşı / İstanbul, Turkey
Tel. 0090(0)212 2329312
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